10 Reasons Why Getting Over An Ex Is Hard

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thinkingGetting over an ex is often harder than it needs to be. There are many reasons for this, but they all boil down essentially to the same thing: we find ways to prolong thinking about an ex. The reason of this behavior is simply that we’re often not aware of it in the first place. We don’t deliberately think of ways in which to remember a painful breakup: we just do it.

And theirein lies the solution: The best way to combat this behavior is by first becoming aware of it, and then by monitoring your thoughts and pinpointing all the ways in which you keep reminding yourself of your ex.

I’m not saying this is easy, but I am saying it can be made easier.

To get a head start, take a few minutes to go over your daily thoughts and tried to figure out the ways in which you keep remembering your ex, or a previous relationship in general.

To get you started with your list, I have listed below 10 of the most common reasons why getting over an ex can seem like extremely hard (and painful) work:

  1. My ex keeps ringing me
  2. I keep trying to ring my ex
  3. I keep thinking of bad things my ex did to me
  4. I keep imagining what if
  5. I keep thinking how things may have turned out differently
  6. I keep blaming my ex for the state I’m in
  7. I keep seeing my ex around
  8. I keep looking for my ex wherever I am
  9. I’m always expecting my ex to ring or text me
  10. I keep hearing stories about my ex from my friends

There are countless other reasons that can be added, but those are some of the most popular ones.

I invite you to add your own reasons to this list. I will be focusing on each point separately in future articles and provide solutions to solve each issue, so keep your eye on this space!