Baby Boomer Online Dating Tips [Video]

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I had to add this for you baby boomers (watch and you’ll thank me).

Here’s a taste of what’s in the video:

“So you’ve decided to put yourself out there and give online dating a shot? Well, stay tuned and find out how to get started on the right foot!”

“You know, given that we wanted to attract, as you say, a lasting healthy relationship, how do you steer us in what direction? Well I think it’s important to be on at least two sites. I recommend a large site like or even OurTime. A lot of my clients enjoy that site, and and then to go on a boutique II kind of site like JDate if you’re Jewish or Christian Mingle if you’re Christian. And people have joined Date My Pet, there is a site for everything. If you have a Mac and you love Apple products there’s a site for you! So find the sites that that you enjoy, you know, so I also recommend that if you’re going to go on a paid site like that you should have at least a six-month subscription, because what happens to most people they get online dating often they join for free, they go, you know, all the scammers and jerks have contacted me and I’m getting off, and they haven’t given it a chance, and they haven’t taken initiative to contact the people that they like. I also recommend at least one dating app, and I know for people over 50, 60 sometimes they’re not so great with technology but your phone is a great tool it’s a computer it is the the easiest thing to do is to join a dating app and I recommend Bumble.”

“Bumble Bee um, like the Bumble Bee, and they actually have really cute little messages when you get a, when you get a match. It says there’s a new Bee in your Hive, and it’s it’s really cute. And so all you do is you sign up, and it connects to your Facebook account so you have to have Facebook, which a lot of people are afraid of. That’s for the app, the app. All the dating apps pretty much connect with your Facebook account, and then the women make the first move in Bumble, they have to! And so it’s fun, it’s less stress yeah, so I like it.”

“Well and by having to go first I guess that that takes that pressure off you know thinking that we’re being forward or something if we if we make the first move like on Match, interesting. I don’t think that women are forward or chasing if they make the first move, I think they’re flirting. And I think many women are passive in dating and they’re not passive in their lives at all! These women who are like so strong and tough and then it comes to dating they’re like he’s gonna have to chase me, yeah i’m not writing him first, and I’m like, are you kidding me like, especially men who are older, so their testosterone is waning, our estrogen is waning, we’re actually becoming more equal hormonally, you know we’re getting sort of more balanced.”

There’s a lot more of content in this video and well worth watching if you’re a baby boomer looking to do online dating.

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