Breakup songs to get over an ex

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Music can help you when you’re getting over an ex. Most people recognize that music has a massive influence on us, affecting everything from our mood to our lifestyles.

When you’re in love, music can bridge the natural gaps, can help you express words and feelings that you may otherwise struggle to put together; music bonds people, not just people in relationships but people in general – it creates groups, clicks, fashions, thoughts, concepts, views and more.

When getting over a breakup, music is just as powerful a tool as it is for anything else. Knowing this, here are some things you must NOT do (at least on a regular basis) if you’re trying to get over an ex:

  • don’t listen to sad songs
  • don’t listen to songs about breakups
  • don’t listen to songs that meant things to you and your ex

Doing any of the above will naturally trigger off your recollection – and make you relive times which you may not be wanting to revisit just now.

When it comes to songs to get over an ex then, you should arm yourself with a playlist you can enjoy and feel good about, and play it.

There are many web pages with lists of breakup songs. You could have a look at these to see if there are any songs in there that you may not have thought of, but the truth is that only YOU can decide what songs to play when you’re down in the dumps.

Choose songs that make you feel good, songs that energize you and songs that inspire you. These songs can only be chosen by YOU.

Typically, songs that lifted your mood before you were in a relationship can make a great comeback when you’re single again. Search your mind for all the songs that ever meant something to you, and search youtube to hear them again. Better still, buy them or see if you still have them somewhere, and make them a part of your new listening routine.

Having said this, don’t run away from the fact that you’re feeling down after a breakup. There should be a period of mourning to get things out of your system, a time to reflect, learn from your mistakes and grow stronger. Don’t just plug in your headphones as soon as your relationship is over and start pumping music into your eardrums – there’s plenty of time for the breakup songs after you pick up the lessons you needed to learn from your last relationship. When you’re done with the brief pause for reflection, then it’s time to crank up the breakup songs loud and clear.

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