Couples That Are Too Comfortable With Each Other [Funny Video]

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Another funny video. We all know couples like this but not to this extreme (if you do, you need to hang out with them every day for the comedy value!).

One of my fav lines in this sketch is:

“This one’s angry. – Ouch! – Got him. – Nice job. – Teamwork – Teamwork – You can’t just do that in front of other people. – Dak, Dak, Dak, we’re just human beings. Human beings that get yeast infections. Human beings who have sex even though one of us might be on our period. – Yeah, we know it’s you. Human beings who have a weird thing on their balls, and they don’t know what that is, so they talk about it.”

It gets worse from that point on!

This is a seriously short video though, so enjoy it and take your mind off things for a bit!

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