Do rebound relationships work?

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The success of rebound relationships is dependent on a large host of variables, such as:

  • are you on the rebound from a relationship?
  • is your partner on the rebound from a relationship?
  • are you and your partner emotionally healthy individuals?
  • are you and your partner truly over your last relationship?
  • are you and your partner ready to start a new relationship?

For instance, let’s say it’s you that’s on the rebound from a previous relationship. You may have some issues to work through, and you may be dating initially to get over your ex – at least on some levels. Your partner, however, may be an emotionally healthy and mature individual, and may actually help you get over your issues and make the relationship work.

To make this a little more personal, imagine it’s your partner that is on the rebound.

  • Can you accept that your partner may be dating you to get over their ex?
  • Do you think that’s the same as using you to get over someone else?

The question of whether a rebound relationship works – or more specifically, whether they work for you – becomes much easier to analyse when you apply a little reverse psychology.

If you find yourself dating on the rebound and you are considering whether you should get into a relationship, then ask yourself how would you feel if your partner was on the rebound? would you feel used? Or would you accept that there may be some issues your partner has to work through?

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