Dumped at Christmas

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Getting dumped at Christmas can seem like the worst thing that can happen to you all year, but it is really so? If you got ‘dumped’ recently during the festive season then here are some things to consider:

  • How is getting dumped at Christmas in the different to getting dumped any other day?
  • If your relationship was going nowhere, then getting dumped after Christmas means that you would have wasted several days of your life on a relationship that was doomed anyway! You could have spent those days with friends, going out or staying in.
  • If you knew today that you were going to get dumped in 30 days time, but you had a choice to get dumped right now, wouldn’t you decide to get dumped now? Why would you waste 30 days?

You can see from the above points that getting dumped at Christmas was actually the best thing that could have happened to you. It didn’t really spoil your Christmas – that is all in your head. If you got dumped in New Year, then Christmas would have been spoilt too. Better to spend Christmas on your own in bad company, don’t you think?

Some other things to consider if you get dumped this Christmas

If you do decide to go out ‘on the town’ and join in the celebrations, take a moment and take stock of yourself: Are you really up to it? Are you stable enough emotionally?

Going out and turning into a nightmare ex-hating loudmouth after a few drinks is not going to impress anybody, and least of all yourself in the morning. Worse still, it may cost you dearly in terms of friends and reputation.

If you’re recently single and planning to get ‘back on the market’ then you need to put your best foot forward. You already know that when you are out and about those members of the opposite sex who are interested in new will be watching and taking stock. When you’re aware of this you manage your body language and carry yourself in a way that will impress your prospects. One night and a few drinks could undo weeks and even once of ‘work’ and effort. If you’ve been busy impressing members of the opposite sex and then put on a show when you’ve had a few drinks in which you turn from Jekyll to Hide, then you can kiss your prospects goodbye because they’re not going to remember the good things about you… or rather they will, but the bad things about you will be so much more fun to remember and tell everybody else about.

In short, if you get dumped at Christmas and decide to go out with friends, leave your troubles and musings at home for when you come back ready to spend some me-time.

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