Ending a relationship on good terms

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Ending a relationship on good terms is probably not going to be a priority in your thoughts, especially  prior to the ending of a relationship. What is it worth considering making the breakup as ‘clean’ as possible?

People can grow apart, but can just as easily grow closer together. If you look at your own patterns of thought and tastes you’ll no doubt realise that you seldom evolve in a linear fashion. Instead, your development takes on a shape more like a wave (up-and-down). If you consider that your partner also develops in the same way, then it is logical that you will develop your relationship in a similar manner, sometimes getting closer sometimes drifting apart, but always (hopefully) coming back together again.

If things have come to a point where for whatever reason you have decided to end the relationship, then you have the choice of ending it on good terms or ending it on bad terms.

If you end the relationship on bad terms, then you will probably burn your bridges with your ex. If certain standards and brings your paths together again, there may be left-over resentment from the bad split up, maybe things that were said or done that can’t be forgotten or forgiven very easily.

If however, you decide to end the relationship on good terms, then only good things can come of this. If you ended it like a gentleman then your ex won’t have anything to bitch about to her friends. Better still, one day she may have only praise when it comes to discussing you – and you will be discussed because people like to talk.

Exiting a relationship in a good way may reap rewards for you down the line: you may end up dating one of your ex’s girlfriends one day, and she may be ‘the one’ that does it for you. And guesswork of their character reference will have come from? Yes of course: your ex-girlfriend.

Conversely, if the end of the relationship on bad terms you effectively close the door on whatever new opportunities may have come your way in future as a result of this is one thread.

There’s some stuff to think about.

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