Getting over a break up

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Anybody getting over a break up knows that during this time the mind is in turmoil and nothing much gets done. This holds true for the majority of people. We take an emotional ‘hit’ and we need to step down a gear and even take time out of life.

During this time out, we all act in different ways, we all deal with breakups in our own unique manner. But like I say, on the whole, little gets done or achieved. As a result, getting over a break up usually takes much longer and is much more painful than perhaps it should be.

A system for getting over a break up is what is needed

The opposite of this do-little grey area that we all descend into when dealing with issues of the heart is having a solid system that you can easily follow, day to day. A system is a way of automating things… just what you need at a time when you can’t seem to get your mind in gear and do anything.

A step by step system takes the thinking out of the task. This lets you deal with your feelings in any way you want, but still gives you the to-do’s you need to get through this time: in a way it does the thinking for you.

So if you’ve been wondering how to get over a break up you now have the answer: by following a system. The better the system, the better the results.

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