Guy Does Online Dating as a Woman [Must See]

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This is a very interesting video – I like the way this guy thinks! He basically pretended to be a woman and hit the online dating scene… what a great way to gather information from your competitors! Absolutely awesome.

Bits from the video:

“Hello, I’m Sy Thomas, I’m a single man growing more frustrated with online dating… Joanna, didn’t reply to my message it got me thinking, what if i was a woman, maybe I’d learn techniques from the men who are trying to woo me”

  • Step one, get a makeover
  • Step two, make a profile
  • Step three, wait for the responses

[My comment]: this is where it gets really interesting guys – keep reading:

“I have inundated with messages this is absolutely incredible, I am much more popular as a woman it turns out… it just goes on and on. I mean, I’ve been on dating apps for years and I’ve not had this, as many as I’ve had in days. Right lets have a look at some…”

I won’t spoil the video for you – go watch and learn what you’re up against ;)

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