The danger of healing in your own time (healing from a broken heart)

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Healing from a broken heart is not a pleasant experience: it’s called a broken heart for a reason. When getting over a failed relationship, an ex-partner etc, you are under tremendous pressure. Literally, your brain is producing ‘bad’ chemicals and releasing them into your bloodstream… and these chemicals cause you to feel in certain ways, and at worst, to get ill.

But on a more practical level (something we can grasp better) the goal for the broken hearted is primarily to get over the past, to heal from it.

The sad fact is that some people don’t always heal and learn from their past. If this was the case, then every man would have the woman of his dreams at his side and get it right after his first break-up.

In reality, there are men (and women) who go from one relationship to another like they’re going out of fashion, leaving behind them a trail of failures and broken hearts. Do you think these people are happy? They may act like studs on the outside, but the inability to sustain a relationship will cause deep-rooted feelings of inferiority and worthlessness which will manifest themselves in dysfunctional behaviours such as anger and hatred, and even more extreme psychotic behaviours. In short, these people are constantly wondering: what is wrong with me? Why can’t I keep a partner or stay in a relationship?

Many days, weeks, months and even years of unnecessary suffering (stress) can be averted by simply abandoning the idea of ‘healing on your own’. If you wanted to build a car from scratch, why on Earth would you try and figure it out yourself? You’d get books and any other learning materials (how to guides, walkthroughs, step by step instructions etc…) to help you achieve your goal fast and efficiently.

If you’re trying to get over your ex-girlfriend (or boyfriend) and you’re not making much progress, stop to consider for a moment:

  • Why are you putting yourself through the stress of learning how to get over somebody when you have tons of materials, ideas, concepts, step by step guides, case studies and more from other people who have successfully gotten over their ex-partners?

This leaves us with a clear option, which is to learn from somebody who’s gone through it already (it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?)

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