How Do I Get Over An Ex Girlfriend

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How To Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend is a question that has many answers. Getting over our ex can take a long time… or not. It really depends on you.

Instead of wallowing in the suffering and mental torment of it all, STOP and ask yourself: why are you actually FEELING like this? By this I mean broken-hearted, lovesick, like a dog without a bone etc – use your own terms to dress it up any way you like.

You see, when you start to ask yourself questions, you begin to look at your situation and the things that you DO differently.

The reason that you can’t get over your ex girlfriend, is simply this: it’s because you’re thinking about your ex.

It really is that simple.

If you were thinking about apples instead, do you think you would miss your ex girlfriend as much? Well, whilst you were thinking about apples… you wouldn’t be missing your ex AT ALL! You’d be BUSY!

This little hint is the start of it all. THIS is the root of the issue… It’s not that your ex girlfriend has some magical hold on you… it’s simply that you’re thinking about her.

And now for the good news: what YOU think about is down to YOU. You OWN your mind.

The trick… is simply to learn how to use it properly – or in this case, how to control it better.

Start thinking about something else.

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