How to get over a broken heart

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The broken-hearted want to know how to get over a broken heart, and the healed of heart know it’s with time.

They say time heals, and they say this for a reason: because they have experienced it. When it comes to matters of the heart, it is no different; the rules of time remain the same. Time creates distance, and distance – if you let it – creates space between you and an event, such as a breakup.

But how long does it take to get over an ex? And can you really afford to wait this long?

The truth is that nobody can afford to use up time – it’s the only constant thing of real value we have from the very beginning through to the very end of our lives.

The question then becomes, how do I get over my ex in the fastest possible time? And here is where this website comes in – more specifically, where the book that this website is built around comes in.

In life, we have 2 choices when it comes to learning anything: we can do it ourselves, making mistakes along the way, or we can take a look at how somebody else did it, and copy them – learning from their mistakes.

It’s really a no-brainer. Going it alone costs time, period. Arming yourself with knowledge will save you time, but may have some costs too in terms of money.

So what is the cost – or how much is it worth to you to get over your ex?

Putting things in perspective, the book How To Get Over Your Ex will cost you less than a night out. It will cost you less than half a night out, in fact. It will cost you a pocket full of change, no more and no less. Most people carry this much around with them on a daily basis… But the return on investment (what you get in return for your money) is priceless. You’re buying into somebody else’s experience and reaping all the knowledge to help you avoid all the downfalls and focus on the things that will keep you sane – on the things that will stop you thinking about your ex and start you thinking about you and your life.

How To Get Over Your Ex can help you grow, can put you years ahead in your personal development quest: it provides you with the tools to gain control and embark on the road of self-mastery.

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