How to get over on old girlfriend

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There is little difference aside from gender dynamics in the question How to get over your ex girlfriend / boyfriend. The mechanism is exactly the same, and it works simply because both men and women share a common trait: our neurology.

You can break the process of getting over an ex into as many steps as you want. It’s really not about the steps at all: it’s about how YOU digest and process information: some people deal with new information quickly  – they grasp concepts and run with it… whilst others have a slower pace which allows them to absorb the details much better.

Again, it doesn’t really matter which one of these 2 groups YOU fall into.

7 steps is a good middle-of-the-way number for most people. The key is in having a plan and following it through (that’s what the steps are: your blueprint to recovery).

All the steps are important, but without the first step, the others can’t be anywhere near as effective as they were designed to be – because the steps to get over an ex not only overlap but are in some areas inter-dependent.

My advice is to get started as soon as possible: don’t delay. You have no reason to.

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