How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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Getting your ex girlfriend back can take a lot of effort and time, so before you consider this, think long and hard whether you want your ex back for the right reasons.

  • do you want your ex girlfriend back because you miss having female company?
  • do you want her back because you can’t stand being on your own?
  • do you want her back because you miss some of the things you did together as a couple?
  • do you want your ex back because all your friends are in relationships

None of the above points are legitimate reasons for wanting to get your ex girlfriend back. In fact, if any of the above is one of your reasons, you could be setting yourself up for another breakup yet again.

Think about it this way: what is the end-goal of having your ex back? Potentially, you could be spending the rest of your life with your ex! This is why you should make your decision based on something solid, as opposed to because you feel lonely RIGHT NOW.

You can ask yourself whether you really want your ex back or not by using the following questions:

  • Are you willing to trade (potentially) the rest of your life (dating life at least) for ‘filling’ that empty gap right now (in the short term)?
  • Are you willing to lose your freedom (in a sense) by getting into a relationship because right now you’re bored?

You get the idea: think long term, think commitment. Because that’s the potential outcome of any relationship.

If you pass these type of ‘filter’ questions, then you’ve probably already thought about this decision in more detail than many people. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back because you genuinely like her being around and you enjoy being in a relationship with her, then you have the right reasons. You’ll now need to work on yourself and learn how to attract her again.

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