It’s Time To Get Over Your Ex

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If you’re like most people going through a breakup, or recently single, then chances are you’re not using your time efficiently (and that’s putting it nicely). If you’re bogged down with thoughts of your ex-girlfriend (or boyfriend) then you’re suffering (some people have a hard time with this term so you can call it what you want). The truth is that thinking of your ex – or more specifically, missing your ex – is not a productive state to be in – period. Consider the following:

  • Are you constantly thinking about your ex
  • Are you trapped in the past? (re-playing events from your relationship in your mind)
  • Are you at the mercy of your memories? (does your mood change when you remember things?)
  • Do you feel anxious, frustrated and weighed down by the belief that you won’t find love again? That you won’t be able to attract the opposite sex after failing in your relationship?
  • Do you feel that life has treated you unfairly, that you’ve been stripped of all your confidence and robbed of the happiness you deserve?

If so, you are suffering… and wasting your precious time!

Now the good news: There is a way out! It’s time to stop thinking about your ex!

– What would you give to rid yourself of your negative thoughts? (Again, call them whatever works for you: negative thoughts, relationship thoughts, pining for your ex, breakup blues…)

– What is it worth to you to possess the key to becoming a powerful, confident person?

– How much do you want to break out of your situation right now?

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