Moving on after a break up

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So your relationship failed – for whatever reason – and now you’re ready to move on. Perhaps it feels like you’re starting all over again, from scratch. This is not strictly true – it’s really just a concept in your head. you’re not starting from scratch at all: you have added layers of experience to your mind and the use will hopefully enrich your decision-making processes.

Moving on after a breakup is in itself a decision: you have to decide to move on. This is good: everything starts with a decision.

Instead of looking at your situation as ‘starting from scratch’ look at it as having a world of opportunity right in front of you. The truth is that now you’re no longer in a relationship you are free to do a lot of things that you simply couldn’t do inside your relationship for one reason or another.

You no longer sharing a boundary with somebody else – your responsibilities have shifted: now it’s all about you.

There are good aspects to being single, as well as there are good aspects to being in a relationship. Right now you don’t have the latter, so it’s not a matter of choice. You’re single, so the only choice you have is either looking at the pros or the cons of your situation. Make it the pros.

It can be a brave new world out there if you want it to be, or you can take this opportunity to start looking for a new more fulfilling relationship. What ever you do, take this opportunity to educate yourself on your choices and on becoming better.

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Good luck.

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