My ex treated me badly but I miss her (or him)

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I come across this situation more often than you’d imagine. The thing to remember here is that there is a natural period of mourning or loss (for most people) after they break up with a partner. During this period your emotions are usually ‘all over the place’. In this state, your logic goes ‘out the window’, so don’t take anything you think too seriously…

If you’re one of those people that have somehow convinced themselves that they cannot breathe without their ex, then think about this: in the grand scheme of things (your life) your ex probably plays a very small part in it. Before you knew your ex, you could breathe fine. When you knew your ex, you could still breathe fine. So now that your ex is no longer around, stop thinking that you can’t.

Remember also that almost always it is the company and routine that we miss, rather than the person. We are creatures of comfort, after all, and we grow accustomed to having a partner around and doing things with them.

Now, if on top of all this, your ex treated you badly, then you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself immediately and get a grip on reality. Nobody deserves – or should accept – 2nd class behaviour from anybody else. Full stop.

If you weren’t treated fairly by your ex, then you should be glad that it’s over. We are all fortunate and blessed to be alive. Should you waste this opportunity on somebody that has no respect for you?

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