Not ready for a relationship

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Are you ready for a relationship after your last relationship breakup? How long should you wait after your breakup? Does it matter?

The truth is that how much time passes from your breakup until the time when you start considering whether you are ready for a relationship has less to do with the actual passage of time than it does with your state of mind.

Ever heard of the term on the rebound? It’s not a good thing to be on the wrong end of a rebound, so don’t do it to somebody else, for your sake as much as for theirs.

If you’re not over your ex, then you’re simply not ready for a new relationship. One of the characteristics of somebody who’s not over their ex is that they compare everything to their ex – the ex becomes the measuring standard by which all things are measured, including you. This can often leave you feeling like you’re competing against a ghost, and worse, a ghost against whom you may not win, ever!

If you’re considering whether you are ready for a relationship, simply do a little role reversal and put yourself in the other person’s shoes: imagine you’re on the receiving end of a rebound. You are the one who has to live up to the standard set by the previous girlfriend or boyfriend. Would you bother yourself with this task? Wouldn’t you rather have the freedom of acting in the way that you prefer to act, and be judged (if this is the case) according to your own traits and not those of some ex lover?

If you’re not over your ex, you should definitely stay off the dating scene and spare yourself the misery of your own company. Get yourself sorted out first, work on yourself, then, when you’re finally ready to make the most out of life again go forth and find the ideal partner. You will know when you’re ready for a relationship.

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