Online Dating Defined [by Random People Who Online Date]

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Here’s a video on the ins-and-outs of online dating, from the point of view of general people. Interesting points – in particular, listen to what the girls are saying…

Extracts from the video:

“Just be real. – If you define yourself as someone who’s sarcastic, you’re probably kind of a dick. – If I wanted to talk to someone that would make fun of me and make me feel lesser, I would call my dad. Only the people who are the most dramatic are the ones that say “no drama.”

“A lot of times, I’ll meet someone and they’ll be like, “I’ve had the craziest ex-girlfriends,” and they’ll label all the people that are drama, and I’m like, “Are they drama?” Or are you drama?”

“If someone’s profile says “no hookups”, I probably will just move on to the next profile. I always think it’s just kind of sarcastic. If you’re on Tinder, you’re looking to hookup.”

“Please put your sign in your bio. I’m one of those. Let’s cut to the chase here, man. You try so hard to seem like a chill, cool dude, that doesn’t want any drama, and you just end up not being interesting.”

“Netflix and chill” is a little overused.”

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