Online Dating Scams and Tips [Video]

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Online dating is not without its share of scams. This video is worth a watch – the takeaway here is not to be ‘stupid’ and ‘think’.

Here’s some of the story:

“I had moved recently to Melbourne and was looking for some companionship to explore Victoria. I was approached very quickly and I’d never been on an online dating site before. The man at the time was in America as an engineer and he then supposedly went back to England where his home base was and then he took a contract to Dubai. Once his was in Dubai there came to be a lot of problems. Firstly with his contract. He had miscalculated the amount of materials he needed for his particular job. And he was robbed so he lost that money and there’s been a car accident and he is in hospital. It was only when he supposedly got on a plane back to England, the contact was cut at that point, that I realised that it actually had been a scam. I paid out over $260,000 dollars. I was in a relationship with somebody I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with so of course in that environment I wanted to contribute to resolving those problems so he could get his work done, finish his contract and come on and be with me.”

“A romance scam works by firstly you go on to an online dating site though it can happen via Facebook or Skype where you get approached by somebody who wants to connect with you. You do need to be very careful about contacts you are making online. If they start professing love or interest when they really don’t know you, I think that’s another warning sign. Use Google image search to look for the photos you have been given. When I actually found out I was scammed and did that Google search, that man was present on 10 different dating sites.”

As I say, worth a watch – especially if you are on the gullible side – and some good tips in there.

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