The recession killed my relationship

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coupleWhen times are hard things get tested, even in relationships.

I recently came across an article in a newspaper which told the story of a married couple who’s lives changed due to the recession, and whose relationship started to deteriorate until they finally broke up.

As times got a little to tougher, the couple decided to cut back on certain aspects of their lifestyle that they had grown used to. One of them was their entertainment. Instead of going out all the time, they decided to start having nights in.

And here is where things started to go wrong.

Much to their surprise, the couple discovered that they actually couldn’t stand each other for any significant period of time. Having nights in suddenly meant dinning together (in a date setting) having drinks and watching DVDs. And it all got too much for them.  So much in fact that day ended up breaking up.

This story amazes me. Of course the recession is not to blame, although financial stress can often spill into all of the areas of ones life. But in this case the real failure was in the couple’s lack of planning.

If you’re going to spend the rest of your life with somebody, the very first thing you need to test is whether you can stand being around that person for long periods of time. Duh!

As always there is a lesson in there for those that care to look for it, and that is of course to take your time and make sure you choose the right person (next time).

Don’t let his happen to you.