Relationship break

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During bad times, some couples decide to take a relationship break – a break from their relationship, as the phrase implies.

Whilst for some couples in certain situations a relationship break may be a good idea, it is a mistake to simply take time apart and hope that all their relationship troubles will somehow magically fix themselves, just because they’re taking a break from each other. This thinking is nothing short of wishful and a little immature.

A relationship break will naturally create a break in the routine of the couple, and the time apart will also create a vacuum of sorts. In these situations it is only natural to miss each others company. But this isn’t fixing any issues that may exist.

Arguably, taking a break from the relationship may in some cases make force the couple to realise they are lucky to have each other and perhaps make them appreciate each other more, in which case any issues (if they’re small enough) can be overlooked because they become insignificant when the alternative is being apart of even breaking up the relationship.

This is not always the case however. Many times, when the couple reunite, after the initial good feelings of getting back together ebb away, are left with the stark reality of the original relationship issues that caused them to take a relationship break in the first place.

How to take a relationship break

When considering a relationship break, a few ground rules should be set up beforehand, so that each partner know what is expected, and what is acceptable and what isn’t. Without these ground rules, a couple spending time apart may have different ideas of what putting a relationship on hold means. One half of the couple for instance may start casual dating, believing that this is now accepted because the rules of the relationship now somehow don’t apply. When the couple get back together again, there may be new issues to face if one of the couple find the other’s behaviour or actions during their time apart unacceptable.

This can all be avoided with a few simple ground rules – agreeing on what it is that the relationship break is supposed to achieve.

If the aim is to get the relationship back on track, then the reason for a relationship break should be to have some time alone in which to reflect about each other and themselves and to reassess their situation and decide whether being in this relationship is something they want.

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