Relationship Breakup

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Somebody once posed an interesting concept about the impact language can (and has) on our psyche. Applying this to relationships, you could ask: can a relationship breakup leave you scarred?

Think of it this way: what is the difference between saying:

  • “Me and my ex broke up”
  • “I’ve been dumped”

In a previous article, I touched upon the negativity of the phrase “I’ve been dumped” and how – at a time when you’ve just taken a ‘hit’ following a relationship breakup – it can (and does) have a negative impact on your self-esteem, which in turn affects your whole demeanour.

Put simply, the concept of a relationship breakup – especially when it applied to you personally – has a negative impact on you, as it implies failure.

Words are powerful, Period. Change the phrase. Instead, think of it as an ending to a relationship.

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