Should you date your ex girlfriend?

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  • This is a question that not everybody gets to ask themselves… but nonetheless one that may one day arise. Many relationships break down and, after a period of separation, resume (sometimes even form a stronger bond) when the couple have had a chance to cool off and reflect on exactly what it is that they have lost, and whether it’s worth getting back.

So should you date your ex girlfriend?

Well… that depends entirely on YOU. Before you get back with your ex, consider the following:

  • What caused your relationship to break down in the first place?
  • Is this event related to a time? I.e. something that happened at Christmas (like a xmas party)
  • Did the relationship fail because of something that happened during absence? (when you weren’t there)
  • Did you break up with your ex because of something she said?

Find what you think cause the breakup, and then ask yourself this:

  • Is this event likely to happen again, and if so, how do I feel about this?

So for instance, if your breakup was the result of something that happened at a xmas party… what will happen next xmas? If your girlfriend attends the same xmas party (let’s say it’s a n office party) how will you feel about this?

The bottom line here is to assess whether the event that caused the relationship to break down in the first place is likely to send your head into a spin the next time it happens.

If the event (a party etc) doesn’t affect you in any major way, then you’ve put your grudge aside. This is one of the keys to making your relationship work. If you’re likely to be haunted by the past in a significant way… reconsider.

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