The first step in getting over an ex

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Some people take weeks to get over an ex. Most people take months! Allow yourself to feel relieved at this: you’re not strange in any way. In fact, you’re like most people.

The fact of the matter is that most people have trouble not just getting over an ex, but with accomplishing things in general. And getting over an ex is just that: an accomplishment; a goal; something that you wish to achieve. It is not different then than getting a better job or learning a new skill (the feelings are, but not the concept).

Once you understand this, the reason why you may be struggling to get over your ex becomes clearer. The fact is that the very first thing you need to do to get over your ex, is to MAKE A DECISION. This is the single most important thing you can do with regards to ANYTHING in life.

The reason why so many people never achieve what they want is simply because they never made a decision to do so.

Make a decision right now: do you want your ex back, or not?

If you choose yes, then make a plan to help you achieve this. If you choose no, then make a plan to help you get out of this state of mind.

Decide RIGHT NOW that you are NOT going to keep feeling like this. It stops NOW.

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