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Why is How To Get Over Your Ex Different to Everything Else Out There?
When it comes to relationship advice and dealing with breakups, there is a lot of literature out there… in the form of websites, blogs, articles and even e-books. An abundance of accessible information can be a healthy thing, but when that information can be produced by anybody, misinformation becomes a factor.

How To tell good information apart from bad information?
Misinformation by itself is neither good nor bad – it just is. When it comes to differentiating between useful and not so useful information, misinformation should be your measuring tool – the very filter by which you assess the information that you’re accessing.

Questions to ask
Useful questions you should consider when assessing the quality of information are: who wrote the information? What makes them an authority on this subject? Is the person who wrote the e-book a writer, or somebody who put some words together to make a fast sale? Do they have first hand experience of the subject, or did they research it, or even heard somebody else talking about it?

How is How To Get Over Your Ex Different?
How to get over your ex is an e-book, also available in paperback. What makes How To Get Over Your Ex different to a lot of the e-books out there dealing with the same subject are the following:

  • How To Get Over Your Ex is written by a real author – (this is your assurance of quality)
  • How To Get Over Your Ex is a published work, available in book and e-book format – (this also assures you that you can expect a professional work meeting a quality standard)
  • The writer is also an NLP Qualified Practitioner – (this assures you that the author has the authority to provide the life-changing advice)
  • How To Get Over Your Ex is based on NLP – (this is the book’s main selling point)
  • The author writes from personal experience – (the author dealt with a particularly bad breakup using this powerful formula. This assures you that the author is qualified to write about the subject)
  • How To Get Over Your Ex sells worldwide, both online and off-line – (this assures you that the book offers quality advice and is working for other people all over the place).

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