How Women React to Online Dating Profile Pics of Men [Video]

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Guys, watch this video and learn what not to do for your online dating photo. Very interesting insight from women reacting to men’s online dating profile photos.

Some of what you’ll see includes:

“I’ve seen some pretty cringy selfies of gym guys you know, in the mirror No! No, at the gym. No! No, definitely no It’s terrible So, we have a guy in the gym taking a selfie… Baby, I need to drink my protein shake I cannot go with you tonight I need to go to gym So bulky, his arms can’t reach his sides Like a big pig Like a big pig? No! That’s a washroom! Yeah, horrible He’s got a fedora which.. is not great. Don’t wear that hat But if you are well dressed, go out and take a picture with friends Not in a bathroom He’s just got his shirt undone enough so you can see his chains and his cleavage going on Hey baby, you so sexy tonight You should dance with me I can show you how to dance.. don’t worry No, I don’t want it Yeah, yeah. Come on. No! You can see my Ferrari! I’m so cute! Like, I have a car! Maybe it is not his car He’s just standing behind that car Everybody in Ukraine do that The pose he has in the car like ‘hey, I’m waiting for you’ ‘You want a ride?’ No, I don’t want it.”

Watch this video twice guys.

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